Short term products FCFS

Update: 16-Feb-2019 08:47:00

Product: Withdrawal kWh/h
ProductMonthBooking startBooking endMax capacity availablePrice DKK
MonthMarch 28-may-2018 13:3029-mar-2019 13:30 703,067 2.978000 /month
April 28-may-2018 13:3028-apr-2019 13:30 860,000 2.978000 /month
DayFebruary 29-jan-2019 13:3128-feb-2019 04:00See calculator of available capacity 0.536040 /day
March 26-feb-2019 13:3131-mar-2019 04:00 0 0.893400 /day
Within DayFebruary 01-feb-2019 05:0001-mar-2019 03:00See calculator of available capacity 0.022340 /hour
March 01-mar-2019 05:0001-apr-2019 03:00See calculator of available capacity 0.037230 /hour

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